Thursday, November 6, 2008

Estrogen patches: Check.

I began my patches yesterday. So far, so good. Didn't fall off after my spinning class this morning or even my shower thereafter. Hope they all work this well.

Still doing the Lupron shots. I think I can officially say that I'm over Lupron. I think I've had enough. We need to go our separate ways. Our relationship just isn't working for me anymore. Seriously, my two months of no shots was really nice. I can endure the Lupron for a couple more weeks. I have to say that I truly have a real empathy for diabetic patients who have to endure daily insulin shots. Even though the needles are little, it's still a daily shot and therefore still sucks, in my opinion.

Think that's about it. My first estrogen blood draw is next Tuesday. I'm slowly getting around to catching up on some blog reading. Hope everyone is doing okay!

P.S. Those of you who selected Barack Obama as our next POTUS on my blog poll were correct. What a historic moment for all Americans. And on a much smaller (but important) level, the Colorado Amendment 48 did not pass! Therefore, embryos have not been granted "personhood" status, which ultimately lets the couple, rather than the government, decide what to do with their embryos.


Emily said...

You are just checking things off your list left & right! Woo-hoo for estrogen patches!

Christi said...

HAHA, break up with lupron! love it. We parted weeks ago and I do not miss lupron. It really is a pain in the ass, I don't know how diabetics do it either...

Lorraine said...

The lupron is a necessary evil...I never really minded the needle part, but the general malaise and grouchiness wore me down. Hope you can move on soon!

MamaSoon said...

WOOHOO to colorado voters!

You almost done will all the meds. Soon you'll be on only prenatals.

DAVs said...

You know, the shots themselves don't really bother me. I guess I'd take them forever if actually worked for me. Since I work with diabetics all the time, I can at least say I know what it feels like!
Glad you're moving along!

Chelle said...

I'm a Colorado Voter! Glad to see your on track!

Polly Gamwich said...

... would you be open to sending me your protocol for a FET? I'm so curious how that rolls.

pollygamwich at yahoo dot com.


And I can't believe it's almost here!

Sky said...

Jill, I specifically asked my nurse at CCRM to tell me what happened with Amendment 48 and she wrote this:

"Amendment 48 did not pass. Not only did it not pass, it did not pass by overwhelming numbers. No worries here!"

What a joke! I never wanted it to pass but if it did, I wanted even the most outrageous laws to be written against it (women jailed for suspicious miscarriage - which could just be taking a hot bath) so the extreme right would get a taste of how far their ridiculousness could go - put them and their own daughters in jail, no fertility help for anyone, murder charges for a girl raped who takes the Plan B pill. I know my theory sounds counterintuitive but as soon as the extreme right has to LIVE with the real consequences of granting personhood to a fertilized egg, they would retract that amendment so fast, the ink would hardly have time to dry. And then we'd never ever ever hear about it again!

People only snap out of craziness when they're held equally accountable to consequences!

As for you and the patches and the immediate future - WOO HOO! Count down to diapers! :)


beth said...

Hey JiLL!!!!!

Just wanted to check in see how your week is going!!!!!

2 weeKsssss OMG!!!!! I have the chiLLs!!!!! I am so excited for you!!!!! Glad the paTch is staYin in plaCe ....pretty impressive after spinnin!!!!!!!!

I kinda have the same count down as I think my SURPRIZE shower is that weekend since my sister let it slip she will be home for T-day.....

Just wanted to say hey its 8p.m. and my piLLow is callin!!!!!! Its amazing to me that I used to be a club kid in NYC and not go out before 11 p.m. and these days I can not manage to stay verticle after 8p.m.!!!!! SADDDDDD! Had to take 3 hour glucose today(failed one dont drink OJ before your one hour!!!!!! Im such a jackass!!!!!!)

Huge loVE


M. said...

Good for you, going to spinning class!! And I TOTALLY would worry about the patch falling off! I'm glad it didn't, although I'd probably use that fear as an excuse not to work out :)

Wendy said...

Hi Jill! I'm so glad that the patches are working for you. :)

I did not like Lupron...the headaches, the mood swings...bleh!

I hope your time with Lupron goes by quickly!

Lost in Space said...

We call Lupron the devil's drug in our house because of the mood swings I possessed while on it. I can totally understand wanting to be done with it. (:

Yay for your first estrogen blood draw check!! Can't wait to hear how you are progressing. Just a couple weeks to go now!! (:

retro girl said...

I agree with you about the shots - even though they are small, there is just something about them. I remember thinking "this will get easier as time passes" and the exact opposite happened - I dreaded them more and more.

May the next few weeks go quickly!