Friday, May 2, 2008

Final stim check update

My final stim check appt. went well today. Steve went with me, which was kinda nice. I always seem to go to these alone as he is usually busy or I'm driving somewhere away from home to work for the day immediately following the morning appt. I think only the nurses were annoyed by his presence as he is an attorney and asks a million questions. We nurses like to quickly move along with education (ha). And, I still haven't decided if I'm going to give myself my IM PIO butt shots. Carolyn--can you stay with me for at least 2 weeks and shoot me up?? LOL

Lining=11mm and also has a triple stripe, which is said to be a good sign for implantation (although I had the same stripe last time as well). On my right side, I have the following follies: 1 at 17mm, 2 at 16-17mm, and 3 at 13mm. On the left side, I have: 2 at 15mm, 2 at 14mm, and 3 at 12-13mm. E2=1305 and LH=1.7. I am worried that the E2 is a little high and such a large jump after 4 days, but the nurses and RE don't seem to be concerned. Boy things are really cookin' in there!

You might be wondering how do I "know" things are cooking? Well, I gained 4 lbs from yesterday to today thanks to all of this bloating. Boo! I don't even have a good story like: "I was really craving something sweet and ate a whole pan of brownies or I finished off a gallon of ice cream." In case any of you are wondering: I had a salad, spinach, and small steak for dinner last night, a grilled chicken sandwich with fruit for lunch, and a breakfast bar for my total consumption all day yesterday. No lie. Wearing elastic waist today. Need to buy some fabulous shoes to detract from what appears to look like I'm in my 2nd trimester belly bloat. I hate this shit. And, the cramps--yikes. I'm getting a preview of baby kicks I think! Or I should say, I hope!

So, I'm set for 2 more days of stims at same 150IU dose of Follistim tonight and tomorrow and then I'll trigger with Ovidrel on Sunday night at 9pm. I'm having my ER on Tuesday morning with a probable transfer back on Friday.

Career update: I know I mentioned my cool new boss, but guess what? After days of agonizing and losing sleep over missing crucial business meeting in Philly next week (Wed-Fri), I decided to come clean with him and spilled all of my crappy IF story. Maybe it's a good sign (I really hope so), but he and his wife did IVF as well to conceive their 6 year old twins! He understands. Unbelievable! I told him I would fly day after ER to Philly and then return home on day before ET (yes, I'm crazy but I really hate to miss anything). He said not a chance and to take care of myself. And, also he told me to forget about working from Tues-Fri. Seriously. I love this man. Okay, not like I love Steve, but I'm feeling so good about my new career with him! What are the chances that my boss had IF issues too? Raising hand to answer my own question (I'm still such a teacher's pet): 1 in 6!!!


Christi said...

wow! he really is awesome!!! I bet it felt great to tell him and even better that he totally understood...

can't wait for your update on the ER! things are cooking!!

what is this stripe you speak of?

Jill said...

I didn't know what a triple stripe was either until I googled it! Apparently it is an indicator of good estradiol response. It associated with higher pregnancy outcomes in IVF-ET cycles than non-triple stripe linings. It is perhaps a better indicator of endometrium readiness than the actual thickness of the lining which we hear a lot about. Again, I had this last time and you know the outcome. But, I guess it's still good that I have it?

sarah23 said...

Oooh, what a good stim report!! I'm excited for your ER!

I'm glad that you have such an understanding boss, too.

I've told a couple of people at work, but not most people. I had to miss one day this week and 1 next week. I'm telling them that it's for "a medical procedure." I can tell that people are really curious about what it is, but so far no one has dared to ask! Still, I don't want anyone to think I'm seriously ill, ya know?

Jen said...

Awesome news!!! Wow that seemed to go really really fast. I am praying that this is THE cycle you get your great news.

Pink said...

Hey Jill. No, my Egg Transfer is set for Tuesday, my Egg Retieval was Thursday. Sorry for the misunderstanding! Good Luck to you!

Jen said...

I can't believe your new boss KNOWS about and understands the PIA that is IVF! How amazing!

Sounds like you're about ready to roll! I'm so excited for you!

I was going to ask you what the triple stripe was - I had never heard of that. I don't know if I had it or not last time, as the nurses at my clinic like to give the least amount of voluntary info possible.

Kristen said...

Can your boss have a talk with my boss, pleas? ;-) Keeping my fingers crossed for you, Jill!!!

Pink said...

After I wrote that, I was like, Oh that's probably what she meant! So that means you are only 5 days behind me. So are u doing a 3 or 5 day?

Good luck!

JGirl2005 said...

Yeah the triple stripe is the way the uterus looks - i guess the lining when it is ready.
I've had this on both on my IVF and FET. It can help.
Good luck with your upcoming trigger and ER! That is great that your boss is understanding.
I hope you have a lot of great quality embies!

Queenie. . . said...

Good luck to you this cycle--your boss DOES sound amazing.

Also, I love that photo of you--you look so gorgeous and radiant.

not_finished said...

Let's hope that you get to become a pro at the IM injections since you will need them so long after your BFP!