Tuesday, May 6, 2008

17 eggs!

We had a great ER this morning with 17 eggs retrieved! I'm so happy with this number. Still quite a lot of eggs, but not as many as 33!! So, I hope my mantra of slow and steady helps me to have lots of mature, high quality eggs. We get our embryo fertilization report tomorrow morning. I can't wait! I'm not nervous about that call, but I am nervous about Friday morning when we get to see what our quality was this time. I hope much better!

I'm still really sore and have lots of pain. The good news is my RE finally wrote for me to have Tylenol 3s! He didn't do that last time and I was in a ton of pain. So, yeah for pain meds! I've been sleeping all day. I've also been pretty nauseous today as well. I don't remember that last time.

And for those of you wondering: I gave myself my PIO shot tonight. It really wasn't too bad. Steve really didn't want to do it and felt very anxious about it, so I figured that would be worse. So, I just twisted my body around and gave the first of hopefully many more, butt shots!! Yippee!! Here's to 1st trimester PIO shots!!


M&M said...


Congrats! Sounds like great news! Sorry we did not get to talk today! Although you needed your rest! Make sure to rest tomorrow also---Best of luck on Friday!



sarah23 said...

Woo hoo for 17 eggs! (That's what I had exactly one week ago today). I hope that 17 is the lucky number for both of us!!! Do you know if you are doing a 3 day transfer or a 5 day transfer?

Best of luck on the fertilization report tomorrow!! (fingers crossed for you)

~S said...
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Jen said...

AWESOME news. I am praying like crazy that the 17 and slow and steady will be all the difference!!!!

Pink said...

You had 1 more than me!! Good luck!!! I am praying for you embies to stay strong!! Are u doing a 3 day or 5 day? My transfer went well, I guess , I have 2 embryos in me!! :)

Ariella said...

Ya GO JILL! 17 is great. I look forward to the fert report.

Ariella said...
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