Thursday, May 8, 2008

Embryo update

I spoke to an IVF nurse today about our embies. Of the 10 that fertilized from yesterday, we have approx. 5 that are at 2 cells that may catch up and approx. 5 that are at 4 cells that are right on track with their growth--that's great! These are estimates from the embryologist--they don't normally disturb the embies 2 days post ER, but they quickly looked for me today since I'm such a PITA to them! Gosh they sure do need to get me pg so that they can get rid of me!

Our time for transfer was pushed from 7:45am to 10:45am to let their growth catch up. If things are really taking off though, RE did mention we may get moved to a 5dt on Sunday. But, we won't know till tomorrow morning around 9am...I'm still thinking a 3dt. And honestly, I really miss my embabies! I want them back in me as soon as they are ready to come home. :-)

Side note: so far, PIO hasn't been that bad. I've given myself 2 shots and getting ready to administer the 3rd. The big needle just looks scary, but it's really not that bad!


M. said...

5 4 cells?! That's fantastic :) Yay you!!

sarah23 said...

Go embryos! I am really glad that your embabies are growing well! :) If you transfer tomorrow, GOOD LUCK!!

LanY said...

Hi Jill,

I am a new reader to your blog (from the Nest TTTC) and just wanted to say hello and send my good wishes for your embryos and ET. I hope everything goes well!

Pink-CJ said...

Awesome Jill! Keep growing those embies!!