Monday, March 3, 2008

Well, I'm back from the egg retrieval!

Verdict: 33 eggs retrieved! Who knew I could possibly house a small village in my little ovaries? While I would've never have guessed a number that high, based on how I feel today, I'm not surprised.

Dr. Awadalla was very pleased with the ER number. We are using ICSI in order to give us the best chance for fertilization to occur with all of the eggs. Realistically, we are expecting no more than 15 eggs to be fertilized, but we just have to wait until tomorrow to get the fertility report to know for sure.

I've never felt this bloated in my life! I'm in serious pain. I feel like someone has taken a Louisville slugger and beaten my ovaries good! Yikes! And, every time I stand up, I feel like my uterus is going to fall out. Okay, enough graphic comments. You get the picture.

Hope this is over soon. I also hope the ET is such kinder to my body. Grow embies grow!!!! Mommy and Daddy love you all already!!!!


Ariella said...

Grow embies grow!!!!!

33eggs is amazing. I hope at least 15 fertilize maybe more. Get some rest and let DH pamper you. I am rooting for you.

M. said...

Hi :) I found your blog through the nest. I just wanted you to know that you're super brave and very funny. Good combo in my book! I'm pulling for you-- I hope those embies GROW!!

The Wright's said...

Holy ER!!! That's fantastic! Can't wait to hear how it goes. Congrats, and GL. Now is actually where it is good to say, "Just relax!" Because you deserve to be pampered for a while.

kairekas said...

Hi Jill,
I have a question about your recovery after the egg retrival. How lond did it last? I had a retrieval yesterday and I am on my second day of recovery but I still feel like I have been beaten, I'm bloated and in pain. How long should I expect to feel this way?