Friday, March 14, 2008

Going out of town this weekend

We are happy for the distraction. We need it. This has been the longest week ever! I have been working a lot to keep me busy and not as focused on the whole baby thing. It's actually worked for the most part.

We are headed to St. Louis for a sales award trip for me. It's a neat sales award called "Run Through The Warehouse." They take my team (who finished #1 in sales last year in the country--yeah!!) and their spouses/guests to a large warehouse that's probably roughly the size of a Sam's Club (or, so I think). You and your partner have 60 seconds to run as fast as you can grabbing empty boxes of potential merchandise from shelves. All of the merchandise have different point values (ex, flat screen TV=more points than a blender). One person is pushing the cart and the other person is throwing the boxes onto the cart. At the end of 60 seconds, the award folks tally all of the merchandise point totals. They then give us those points on a credit card that can be used at many locations (ie, Macy's, etc.) Points=dollars, so we have to run fast!!

So what are we wishing for with all of that money? Well, we love Sonny, but he has destroyed the sofa. So, I want new living room furniture (that hopefully he won't destroy). Steve wants Blue Ray, Rock Band and Xbox 360(which Rock Band works on). I also want new bedding for our Master Bedroom. We'll see how much we get to determine what else (if anything) we can afford. The good news is I've already got a lot of points loaded onto the card from previous rewards in anticipation of big purchases. And, don't know yet for sure, but I may have just won another contest that ended on 2/28/08 that gives me ~3,000 points, so that would also help. I may not be able to have a child easily, but I can sell!!!!!


Emily said...

Who-hoo! Sounds like a blast! Have soooo much fun - it sounds like a game show! Enjoy!

Katie said...

Just read your story-- I am up here in Cleveland, a few weeks beind you in the IVF game, and I am also a new blogger. I hope you have a great weekend-- are you waiting for your beta! Baby dust! Er, sticky dust!

Ariella said...

Have a good time OOT and rest up. It sounds like the shoping will be a lot of fun.

M. said...

I love award trips!! I did sales before law school-- pharmaceutical sales :) Lots of fun! Have a wonderful time on your trip-- you totally earned it... and deserve it. I've been thinking about you-- I hope you're hanging in there :)