Thursday, March 27, 2008

Round 2: Ding, Ding, Ding

So, I feel like a boxer in a ring, beginning Round 2 of IVF. I hope I walk out of this round with as a K.O. victor over IF. I don't know much else about boxing...but I do know that I'm a fighter and I just won't keep feeling sorry for us and being down anymore. I'm moving on and trying to put the failure behind us. I feel better. All of my TTC friends told me that when I began cycling for #2, I would feel better about things. They were right. While I'm not beginning any drugs just yet, knowing that they're around the corner helps ease the pain.

Here is my new schedule for IVF #2. Keep in mind all of these dates are subject to change, so please don't write any down in ink.

April 8 Begin Lupron 10units (bring on the menopausal hot flashes and night sweats again)
April 17 or 18 Begin Follistim150IU (this is my major protocol change from IVF#1)
April 28, 29 or 30 Potential ER
May 1,2, 3 or 4 Potential ET (come on luck of the Kentucky Derby, if there is such a thing)
May 15, 16, 17, or 18 Beta to determine if we are successful

I'm sure Dr. Awadalla wants to get rid of me. I would if I were him. I've talked more to him via the phone over the last week than he probably cares to remember. But, the squeaky wheel gets the grease, right? I asked for med changes from Gonal-F to Follistim. I've had 2 negative cycles with Gonal-F now (Dec. and Feb.), so I think it's bad karma for me. :-) I also asked for lower dosages. Last time I was on 225IU of Gonal-F. My little egg factory produced 33 eggs. I would prefer a much lower number, but better quality eggs, so hence my 150IU dose. I hope my medical knowledge will work in my favor. If I'm wrong (which occasionally does happen), then I'll go with Dr. Awadalla's plan for higher doses at my stim check appts. We'll just have to see...I also asked for PIO shots. Yes, that's right, I asked for at least 2 more weeks of shots. Last time, he put me on progesterone suppositories in my 2 week wait. I don't feel that it was enough. I'm now asking for an IM freakin' painful shot (all of my other shots are SQ which are either given in my abdomen or my thighs--neither of which are too painful). He doesn't think there is any clinical evidence that they're differences between injections and supps, but he's allowing me to call the shots ("shots"-ha, now that's funny). The only thing he didn't allow me to do was get a Follistim + Menopur stim combo. He doesn't think I need it and I thought I might be asking for too much. If we fail this time, I will change docs and we will be doing different meds anyway I'm sure.

The problem with an IM injection? While everyone knows I love Steve dearly, I'm just not sure about his injection abilities. So, I'll either be reaching around to give myself a shot in the rear daily or I might ask one of my neighbors who is a nurse. As open as I am (sometimes I think I'm nuts with this blogging business), I have a very difficult time asking for help from anyone for anything. So, I'm sure I'll be giving it to myself...

Finally, I'm doing acupuncture this go around. I've found myself stepping outside my Western medicine world through this whole experience (with vitamins for both me and Steve). Those of you who know me well are probably quite surprised to learn that I'm willing to look into Eastern medicine. I am (and still will be) a staunch believer in the power of modern Western medicine (because I sell a life-changing medication that helps people live a better life) . So while my RE doesn't think I should do it, I am checking out acupuncture. He doesn't think there is any clear evidence that it helps. But, many "nestie" girls do it and get their BFPs and swear by it, so here I go. Hope to prove my RE wrong (again).


Jen said...

Glad to hear you are gearing up for round two. I'm praying it's THE cycle for you.

Karen said...

Hi Jill, glad to hear you are looking forward to round 2. I have enjoyed reading your journey and pray that this round works out for you. Have a great weekend!


Carrie Wiese said...

I am so proud to be your are an amazing woman to share your story with others. I love you, Carrie

Emily said...

Our schedules are matched right up again! It will all be different this time arpund for both of us! You sound better - stronger, ready to go! Me too!

I am doing acu again - my RE believes in it so strongly, they offer it at the clinic and one of the other REs on staff became a licensed acupuncturist. I love it!! You have to have the right person though, so if you don't care for your person, don't hesitate to switch. I did and it was a good move.

GL Jill!