Monday, February 25, 2008

I think I could open up a small pharmacy!

I thought I'd post a photo of my meds that arrived recently via FedEx. It kinda looks like I'm a drug addict. LOL! I never thought I'd ever shoot up anything, but things change when you want to have a baby and can't quite seem to pull it off on your own. The shots really aren't that bad.

The Lupron is given in my thigh and really doesn't hurt much, although I have some nice bruises to show off right now. The Gonal-F is given in the abdominal area. That's not too awful either. Steve is so happy that he doesn't have to inject them for me. I feel better doing it on my own: 1) I'm in control of my own pain; 2) Steve's description of "just throw it in like a dart" kinda scared me (although true to some degree); and 3) hello, I am a nurse--why totally waste all of my training even if I no longer take care of patients??

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