Sunday, July 27, 2008

Is the universe mocking me or is my luck changing?

Okay. Had to blog about this experience. Yesterday was my CD3, so I headed over to the hospital that had agreed to draw my blood. As I pulled into the hospital, I thought "Hmmm, there are a lot of cars here for a Saturday..." That's when I saw the big sign: "Expecting Great Things" which just so happens to be the premier annual event for expectant mothers at the hospital. It should be noted that this hospital is the best maternity hospital in the city (which is also where my OB/GYN is affiliated, so maybe that could be a good thing in the future). But back to the present: prego bellies everywhere, little kids running around (greedy fertiles), lots of DHs (apparently there was an "American Dadiator" diaper changing contest and grill giveaways), big white tents, and so much more. I parked on the opposite side of the hospital as far away from the festivities as one could possibly get. Thanks universe.

As if that part wasn't bad enough, Part 2: I went up to the clinical lab to get blood drawn. Everything was going great--it seemed I was the only person at all in the hospital getting labs drawn. Made friends with phlebotomist. Sat down in lobby to wait for blood to clot, then have new phlebotomist friend spin it down in the centrifuge machine, give it back to me, and then I would be on my way. But, all of a sudden, the door opens and in walks a lady and her adorable 3 year old daughter. She was so darn cute. Red hair, curls dangling, cute clothes, etc. She immediately came over to me while her Mom was checking in. Our convo pretty much went as follows:

Child: "What's in your box?"
Me: "I've got ice in my cooler." Blood had to be iced immediately after being centrifuged.
Child: "Can I see?"
Me: "Sure." Open up cooler and show her ice packs.
Child: "Why are you here?"

Me: "I had some blood drawn."
Child: "Are you sick?"
Me: "No."
Child: "What's wrong with you?
Me: "I'm just having some tests run."
Child: "Okay. Do you have kids?"
Me: "No." Uncomfortably, I start looking around for the Mother.
Child: "Do you like kids?"
Me: "Yes. Very, very much. I'd like to have a little girl like you some day."
Child: "Then, why don't you have kids?" Mother finally arrives to sit next to us.
Me: "I'm trying to have a child. It isn't easy for me. That's why I'm here. On a Saturday. When everyone else is outside celebrating their pregnancies."
Mother: "Oh honey, come here and leave the nice lady alone. I'm so sorry. I have a friend who had trouble conceiving. It was really hard on her. She saw a fertility specialist and now has a little one. Have you seen one yet?"
Me: "Yes, for almost the entire last year. That's why I'm here. My new doctor is very thorough and requires labs to be drawn and sent only to his lab for testing."
Mother: "Oh, where is your new doctor?"
Me: "Denver."
Mother: "Do you live here?"
Me: "Yes."
Mother: "Wow. That's so far away. There is a doctor in Cincy that is supposed to be very good. I think his name is Awadalla. Have you heard of him?"
Me: I was just getting ready to reply with Awadouchebag sucks and then...
Phlebotomist: "Mrs. Waltrip, you're all ready to go."

So, of all the days of the week for my CD3 to fall, it was a Saturday. No one else would draw my stupid blood except for this hospital. This date happened to coincide with the only maternity event at this hospital ALL YEAR. Then, I get to play 20 questions with a 3 year old and later her mother. Which brings me to one of the two following conclusions: 1) the universe hates me and loves mocking me more than anything or 2) with the maternity event being held at the hospital where I would deliver if I could ever get pg on the same day that I had to show up for CD3 b/w, and then I get to answer questions from a 3 year old and her mother in order to bear my soul and make me feel like a complete failure, equals a change in my luck. Who knows? I'd like to think positively that it's my luck changing...


Suzanne said...

OMG! Your luck must be changing. I can't believe all that happened in one day! Geesh!

seriously? said...

I say go with Luck Changing! What a tough day. Hope the weekend got better from there!

Hope2morrow said...

Honey, this is a huge sign, and the it is saying- Look what is coming to you! Hang in there.

g said...

((((((((((((HUGE HUGS))))))))))))
What a day you had.. So sorry!!!I hope that the rest of your weekend was better!! and i would go with luck changing.. other wise the universe would hate us all! i believe that CCRM will be the answer to all our dreams!!! keep that chin up! it wont be long now!!

Deborah said...

Sounds like quite a day. I hope they are signs of what is to come for you. I guess it was just a good thing that the little girl didn't ask you where babies come from.

Wishing you the best with you upcoming cycle.

DAVs said...

Oh man I can so relate! I had a convo so similar to that with a little kid at a birthday party where my husband was the performer (what a weird life to be a kids musician when battling infertility). At any rate, I hope it is a sign that things are looking up and your luck MUST be changing! Hang in there!

Jen said...

It HAS to be #2!
I can't believe you've officially kicked off your IVF #3. I'm so excited for you and hopefully you'll be so much luckier after leaving Awadouchebag behind!

The only thing missing from this day is a bird crapping directly on your face.

Angie said...

I vote for your luck changing too!! Hang in there!!

Lost in Space said...

I hope all the babies and baby talk are just to show you what your near future holds. (:

I'm sorry it was a rough one though. (hugs)

Kate said...

What a day! I agree, take it as a positive sign.

MamaSoon said...

Woah. Are you kidding? What are the chances of all of that? LOL. Your luck is changing because you are going to CCRM now and you are in informed patient. I think it was really sweet of that lady to share what she thought was possibly a golden nugget of hope to you. That little girl sure seemed smart.

Just Me. said...

Oh what a day!!!

I hope it's your luck changing.


Pink-CJ said...

The universe loves you and it was just bad timing girl! Stay in the game!! You are going to the greatest fertlity place in the world. It will HAPPEN!! Hugs!!

That 3 year old talk to dang much! LOL!

hopeful #1 said...

What a curious little girl!!?!?!?! They will always ask you things without any fear... kind of strange how the world works...

Love the signs too! Hoping for good changes in your future!!!